Apr 27, 2011

Exams Are OVER

I have FINALLY finished exams. My month-long absence has been due to studying. I really didn't want to fail anything. I believe most of my audience is other college students, so you get me. That is, if I still have an audience after being gone for so long.

Studying is new to me... and has proved to be quite difficult. Three of my exams went a'ight. But Chemistry sucked. It sucked a lot. It sucked so much, I won't have to vacuum my carpets for weeks. Not that I have carpets... but if I did, they would be very clean from all the suckage. So here you are, a shiny new comic with extra lines in it to make it look all nice and like I actually put effort into it.

Oh, and that second panel where it's three in the morning? Yeah, that was pretty much every day until now. Actually, three is early. Going to bed at three is a luxury.

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