Apr 5, 2011

Diversity Squad Team NEMESIS

For every super squad that is formed, there is a club full of their arch-enemies. The same goes for the incredible Diversity Squad Team, whose regular villains include Wizard Hitler, robo-Walt Disney, the reincarnation of Nathan Bedford Forest, and Wonderbread, to name a few. Halfway through this comic, I had a much better idea for a villain, but it was too late, and I had made it political. Sadness. I don't like politics. Also, this is perhaps one of the most offensive comics I have ever drawn. It will only get worse from here on in. I should stop... but I won't.


  1. WHOOOOAAAA that's offensive! Sam was like WHOAA too. But you've got to let your light shine, sis.

    Pretty offensive though.

  2. Abby. Abby. You need to work Joe Newberry and his awesome power of making cheese grits into Diversity Squad team somewhere. Joe has promised to only use these powers for good, so he has to be on the Diversity Squad Team, not Team NEMESIS.


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