Feb 13, 2011


I went to a really awesome improv showdown and there was a raffle for an AMAZING WORM PUPPET. He is so angry and awesome. I never win raffles so I was just like, "No way will I win this raffle, because the prize is just too awesomely amazing in every way" BUT THEN I WON AND NOW I HAVE HIM. It was decided that his name should be His Majesty, Captain Doctor Lord Edgar Sexington the 3rd, esq. He's led a full life. I wish I could have taken a picture a put it up, too. But I'll have to save that for a day when it isn't four in the morning and my computer doesn't take half an hour to open my browser.

AND LAUREN... I'm still doing that picture because I have been busy lately with Chemistry and sleeping and Twister. I WILL TRY TO BE A BETTER FRIEND BY FINISHING IT. Though it will be so amazing that you'll forget it took so long.
UPDATE: Here's a picture of me and Sophie and His Majesty.

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