Feb 11, 2011

Study Comics PART II

Yeah, so this comic was supposed to be combined with the other comic, BUT I was too busy staring into space to make two comics for today, so you'll just have to stand it. I'm sure you'll live. And I am currently drawing a picture for my friend Lauren's birthday (which was YESTERDAY), but I had to start over because the one I was drawing looked bad. It was not nearly as awesome as it should have been. SO DON'T WORRY LAUREN... All your waiting will not be in vain. Also, sorry about the sporadic updates. I'm HOPEFULLY back on schedule now! WHOO SCHEDULE

ALSO FIREFOX IS NOT NEARLY AS AWESOME AS GOOGLE CHROME AND I AM SO SAD. For instance, I can't type things before the picture. The picture has to be on top. THIS UPSETS ME SO MUCH. I AM SO UPSET.

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