Jan 31, 2011

Modern Art

I went to an art museum with Mindy and Andrew yesterday. In the modern art wing, we found… a lot of phallic art. And just weird stuff, like this big pile of hair and mannequin legs. What was that? WHY was that? There was also this teddy bear made out of real bear skin that was actually really creepy… and had a creepy bear dick. Just because it’s art AND APPARENTLY… art is nothing without a cock here and there. According to these “artists.” Back in the day, there was always a boob hanging out for no reason, and now, there are dicks hanging out for no reason. The best thing, though… the best thing was dose snails. They were really pretty colors and there was all this slime everywhere, so you’re distracted for a second, then all of the sudden you see that they are not, in fact, snails, but dicks. Covered in disgusting man juices. And there was a cross in there for some reason. Always gotta have a cross in there. Makes the piece MEANINGFUL

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