Jan 31, 2011


Just yesterday, I found out that Wolf Parade went on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time, which might mean that it’ll take them, like, 8 years to release another LP! OH WOE IS ME, WOE WOE. At least one of the lead singers, Spencer Krug, will still be making music. RIGHT, MR. KRUG? RIGHT?! That was a threat. I’m not actually that upset… but I thought blanket-caterpillar-self was cute so I made strip with it. And I guess this is the second post I’ve done that mentions Spencer Krug. If he ever stumbles upon this website he is going to be frightened. WHY’D YOU DO IT WOLF PARADE… WHY’D YOU GO AND DO ITI was going to title this comic “Emo Strip” just so I could include the drawing below, but I decided against it because that’s a dumb title.
You know they’re hott. DO YOU GET IT… “EMO STRIP…” Anyways. I LIKE THAT I HAVE A FANCY BACKGROUND. You should like it, too.

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